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As a recruiter, we want to find the right candidates for industry leaders and the right company for out candidates, we feel the way to successfully accomplish this is to personally involve ourselves in the communities surrounding the sectors we recruit for.



We have been regular attendees to the The Vaper Expo UK, a regular event at Birmingham’s NEC to network and understand the current trends within the vaping industry. With the vape industry constantly evolving, The Vaper Expo UK is one of the best ways to understand the latest in the vaping world, what we want from our candidates, and what we should expect from vape business’ from around the world.



On one of our more recent visits to The Vaper Expo UK, we took the time out to interview representatives from some of the leading vape companies to find out more on what they expect from potential candidates and to find out their industry predictions for the year.


Elliot Moore – Forward Vaping


Mohammed Vhora – Doozy Vapes


Yasser Karwa – Nasty Juice


Haroon Rashid – Vape Dinner Lady


There is always so much to learn with every visit we make to exhibitions like this, but for us the main take away was when it comes to sales representatives and the candidates and the key qualities they look for are motivation, enthusiastic in the vape industry, ahead of the curve and up to date on trends.


Vape continues to grow, and Parna aims to be at the front of its industry, bringing the right candidates to the right company!


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