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As specialists in vape and CBD recruitment, at Parna we regularly have vape businesses contact us seeking strong candidates, so how do we decide which business to place you with? The simple answer is we give each candidate the information and guidance to decide on the company that best suits you.

The vape and CBD industry is still very young, with business owners and sales managers coming from a range of diverse backgrounds. Since it’s such an emerging sector, each company runs completely differently, making it important to align yourself with a company that matches your own values and preferred style of work.

Below are five pointers when to help you decided which vape or CBD company is best suited to you. For more direct guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at: 0121 227 4690

Company Culture
As mentioned earlier, from one vape company to the next is totally different culture. It’s important that you break down your own mode of working and align yourself with a company that shares those values. For example, do you prefer working to clear targets with a defined job description, or do you prefer autonomy and diverse day-to-day work? The former leads you down a corporate path, whilst the latter pushes you towards an SME.

Clear Vision
Every vape brand wants to “smash” the UK market, but it’s a much more difficult prospect than it was when we started vape recruitment 5 years ago. The market is now saturated with short fills, and certain areas of the sector have become more codified. It’s important that a vape business has a clear vision for how they want to disrupt the established market, and the methods they have for executing this.

The UK market is a brand-driven industry. Before interviewing you should know what your potential employer has done to earmark their brand. What is their social media presence like? Do they attend Vape Expos? Do they use distributors as well as field sales reps? Have they made inroads with high street retailers? Look at the strength of their brand identity and see if it matches the strength of your resumé.

Field Sales Size
Has the vape company you’re looking at ever had a field sales team before? There are many vape businesses that are looking for exceptional sales people but don’t understand the costs and time involved in nurturing an exceptional candidate.

If you are the first sales team, establish the expectations involved in becoming a success. If you are joining an existing team, find out why your role has come available. Is this through natural growth or has someone left? If so, why? We would always recommending contacting ex-employees to find out about the internal structure of a business.

Commission Structure
People don’t work in sales for a basic salary, else you would just turn to comfy 9-5 office jobs. You want to see what the earning potential for the role is, so it’s important to identify the commission structure before accepting a job. Make sure the structure in place is right for you before slaving away blindly to end up feeling fleeced. It’s a good idea to also find out what the average sales person is earning per month to ascertain your own potential growth within the business.

Here at Parna we think of ourselves as vape experts. If you’re looking for more advice about what vape business to work with, you can call us directly at: 0121 227 4690

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