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You’ve come to the end of your university course, and the prospect of stepping into the working world is feeling quite daunting. Ater all, there’s a difference between theory, and applying that knowledge into real scenarios. That’s where the team at Parna Recruitment are on hand to help.

Looking for a career is no easy task by yourself, especially when you’re competing against a large group of other graduates with the same qualifications and the same aspirations. There’s no reason for you to strike out on your own—our job is to find your dream job.

At Parna we specialise in recruiting graduates into sales positions, and it’s safe to say that medical sales are a very competitive industry to enter. That’s because many gradates with a STEM degree love learning about science, but don’t see themselves working in a lab long term. The sector of medical sales offers a different, more appealing direction.
When we recruit for graduate medical sales positions, we frequently receive over 70 applications alone, so how do you stand out? If you want to make sure you secure an interview, follow our four helpful tips below.

  1. Don’t wait till after your exams
    It’s tempting to leave thinking about a career till after you’ve wrapped up your university work, but that’s a mistake! Start thinking about what you would like to early on in your final year. This will give you enough time to research and apply for positions as they become available.
  2. Research, research, research
    It’s not enough to have a good degree under your belt. Learn how the structure of the NHS works, and include relevant information in your cover letter. What is primary care? What are CCGs? How do health boards impact buying decisions? You’ve really got to sell your enthusiasm for the role.
  3. Develop your sales skills
    Medical sales is exactly that: sales in the medical field. A strong science degree is imperative but don’t forget to gain sales experience. Try and tailor your summer positions or part time work to a position that has a sales element to it—if you are working in retail, ask your manager to set you sales targets and log them. We often get asked for evidence of sales experience and achievements against targets.
  4. Shadow a medical sales rep
    LinkedIn is a wonderful tool to connect with all sorts of sales professionals. Message as many people as it takes till someone agrees to let you shadow them for a day, and don’t give up. If this isn’t allowed by their employer, then meet them for a coffee, ask them what their job entails, and what a day in the life of a rep looks like. Their advice will make your future decisions so much easier.

By following each of the above steps, you’ll be putting yourself in the top percentile of graduates looking for medical sales positions. In today’s job climate, good grades are not enough to secure a position—you need to be outstanding on paper and during the first call with a recruiter/HR Manager, showing initiative that goes beyond your degree.

By having a team like the one at Parna in your corner, accomplishing each of these four steps will be even easier. If you want any further advice on how to move forwards in medical sales, contact us today. We’re on-hand to make your dream job a reality.



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