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How to Recruit the Right Candidate to your Vape Company

At Parna we’ve been working within the realm of vape recruitment for over 5 years. In that time, we’ve seen many changes to the vape industry, from its early inception, to its rapid expansion, and its continuing growth into what is now a £1 billion sector.

The one consistent factor over the 5 years we’ve spent recruiting vape industry jobs has been companies seeking ambitious candidates with a hunger to succeed. Below is Parna’s advice on how to ensure your vape business attracts those candidates.


The most important point when vape recruiting is defining your company culture as it currently stands, and reframing it to better align with the identity of your ideal applicant. Much as you desire a particular personality in your candidate, so does your candidate desire an culture consistent with their needs and values.

This isn’t about a front that you present, or what a client sees during your interactions. This is something you have to build from the ground-up. The office culture is defined by the workspace, by the formality of emailed communication, and by the dress code, amongst a plethora of other factors. Take a moment to consider three key tenets related to vape jobs you’d like to base your business around, then relate every part of the company back to them.

A to B to C

From our experience working with start-ups from the ground up we’ve seen the priorities of vape companies change over time. The culture you’ve cultivated now, might not be a good fit in the future, so when prospecting your pathway as a business consider that factors are always subject to change.

This relates both to prospective candidates, and your business outlook in terms of vape industry jobs. Early on, bringing on a fresh graduate who’s eager to grow with the business makes sense, but each candidate isn’t necessarily a multi-tool. If later, for example, you’re looking to build your client portfolio and focus on account management, you need to recognise at which point to pivot and prioritise experienced candidates over young enthusiastic ones.

The interview process

The cornerstone of recruiting is always the interview, but often employers forget that each interview is a two-way street. Just as you’re identifying whether they fit the role, so the candidate is trying to identify both the tone of the business and what the position entails, especially if the role in question is a prestigious one.

The upshot of this it that if you want to attract quality candidates, you have to mirror that in your recruitment process. Establish your personality and culture early on, generate a consistent line of communication, and make sure to maintain it throughout each of the interview stages, regardless of whether or not they happen to be successful.

From the moment you’ve picked a candidate’s CV from the pile, to the moment you welcome them on board, each potential employee should feel like they have a coherent understanding of your relationship and standing. Failing to do so will only serve to damage both your reputation, and the construction of your company culture.


Money might not be the root cause of happiness, but it’s certainly essential to stability in any work force, and that’s no different in the world of vape recruitment. Through diligent research and by generating data based on our own recruiting, we’ve discerned some key paymark structural differences.

If you are looking to attract entry level sales candidates, our data has shown that a starting salary of £18k means those employees will stay in the business for an average of 6 – 12 months. Unsurprisingly perhaps, the level of commitment increases as the base salary does too, with data showing £25k was the lowest starting salary at which good candidates would stay onboard for at least 24 months.


The essence of recruiting vape jobs in the current climate is ensuring that they feel valued, whilst also understanding what your company values are. Pay contributes to this, but only as much as clear discipline and guidelines at each juncture — identifying your culture, and building your recruitment process around it is key.

If you want to know more about attracting the right vape candidate, or if you want advice on how to build the best sales team, please feel free to get in touch. You could even have a drink (coffee or beer!) with us at one of the Vape expos or trade shows. Either way, give us a call on 0121 2274690.

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